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Bike & Walking Trails

In addition to local and state government transportation entities, there are several organizations promoting bike and walking trails, including: Newton Trails Path Foundation… Read More »Bike & Walking Trails

Kirkland Corridor Development

Westfield Village and Jack Neely/Kirkland Developments Also note, Salem Road widening project and Jack Neely/Kirkland Roundabout upgrades in the pipeline.

Gees Mill & Glen Road: 251 Townhomes with alley access

Meeting video:    Related articles: February 23, 2021 document: Traffic Study:

Salem Road Widening & Upgrades

Salem Road Widening & Upgrades from I-20 to Brown Bridge https://231210– Right of Way 2022 Construction: 2023 (start or finish?)

Exit 88/Access Road Realignment

NEWTON COUNTY GA Exit 88/Access Road Realignment construction will likely start Jan 2022Site with information: